Saturday, May 2, 2020

Naturally Ways of Pimple Remedy

Natural Treatment for Acne...

In the Modern and stressful life the teenagers and some young age groups surfer a lot of problems and specially girls, she have to much pressures of settling life and another personal problem.
By short study analyses that a one problem is surfer to both of one man as well as women it is " Acne".
Every person what a glow, attractive, smooth skin and acne less face and body.
And for it they apply many creams and treatment and sometime its work and some time it's show negative effect.
For as my suggestion we should apply only natural thing another views avoid these all thing because its come on age (16) and removed as well on it's time.
Acne is the sort of problem that can strike at any age of group, it seems. While we tend to associate it with teenagers, it can flare at various other points in your life. It's because hormones play a key role on the development of acne, as does nutrition and other factors.
We should never use any thing in our face because face skin in different from another part of body skin. Face skin is very sensitive skin, If we use chemicals it's damage.
After all, the 'chemical' acne treatment sold over the counter may seem harsh and ineffective.

We have some Natural Treatment, regardless of any age of group you are;

  • Take a good Multivitamin: Every person know that Vitamin and Minerals is important to balance our system. Many people are deficient in key Vitamin and Minerals. Some nutrients most important for the treatment and prevention of acne are Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin E, Chromium.
  • Diet: Good diet is the key of live longer. The role of the diet is somewhat controversial with regard to controlling acne. For example; The Chocolate dilemma - does eating it cause of acne?, It has never really been resolved. However Vitamin and minerals play role in staving off and healing acne, it make sense that a healthy diet is important in managing this condition. Experts recommended that cutting back on dairy product, especially milk, as the hormones and trans-fatty acids it contains can worsen acne.
  • Refined Sugar: Sources point to sugar's effect on the body's insulin production and the connection between effective sugar metabolism and skin health. A short study shown an important in acne when suffers receives insulin injections. Since most of us can't inject ourselves with insulin nor is this advisable for non-diabetics. It makes sense to cut out refines sugar and the increases need for insulin that it leads to.
  • Junk Food/ greasy Food: Fresh food is good for health, processed foods contains artificial dyes and preservatives, which have been shown to affect hormones levels in the body. Junk foods very harmful for our body, its damage our immune system. For eat greasy food we suffer many diseases and after these all affected our sensitive skin.
  • Not to Touch your Skin: Scientist study say that every person touch touch his skin 20 to 30 times within an hour. As you know that every type of infection is directly come to connect with hands. So, it is proved that when we touch our skin alot our skin become more and more infected by many diseases and there is no suitable permanent medicine for it.
  • Stress: In this busy life culture, we have a lot of problems and pressure . For these things we take more stress. For taking more stress, our body system and mainly brain can't work properly, we can't sleep properly and also we can not take healthy diet and food on time. All these reasons stress effect negative to face skin and develop acne. We just only eat food on time, sleep on time and not think a lot in any matter.
So for prevent our skin, we should not take to much medicines and not to come more in contact of some and we should wash our mouth and hand every 2 to 3 hours, For wash mouth our skin muscles become active and glowing all time.

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