Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Is Alcohol killing our body & Brain ?

Is Alcohol killing our body & Brain.How we resolve it?....

we find it interesting how people self sabotage so much.
Just example they want to make money and they doing to spend there money in stupid things which they not to need and they spend there time in watching TV, even the can use his time to do something useful  works like exercise. 
Or they say they want to be happy relationship and yet, they keep getting involved with toxic people who they allow to mistreat them. 
And same thing with health, people sat they want to be healthier and they don't do the basics such as eating better moving batter and more and managing there stress management and taking some supplements. 
Now we are taking about Alcohol that how it is good or bad, why we become Alcoholic and how it is effected to our brain and whole body system. 
The Main thing is that Alcohol is more abuse drug of the planet. 
Yes, Alcohol is a drug.
Now, just like people say they want more energy for there functioning brain smoothly. 
They want be a happier. Look younger, they want a better hormones, they want lose fat and gain muscles, they want live longer and sleep better, and so and so on.
And yet these some people drink Alcohol which cause negative effect in our body system and brain and much more.
 There is no matter that how you look at it, how you justify it. Alcohol is a toxic to summaries you age and your entire body. 
Sure, you all find a study that says how alcohol is good for your health and daily drink 1 ml of Alcohol work like a medicine and good for your heart, it all a biggest crap.
If you want to know the benefits of red wine: collect some organic red grapes, It is the polyphenols, reservation and similar compounds that are found in thin skinned fruits, that are good for your body. 
Not the red wine which is basically, grape juice mixed with Alcohol. 
Or you can use some organic oil which is super high in polyphenols or even really good quality, caffeine free coffee and much better green tea. Again you can absorb that it is good for your health.
I can go on and on with the negatives of alcohol. not shoulder for short term but long term its be.
For example I get guys complaining about not gaining muscles and yet they are drinking Alcohol and many women's also complaining to lose fat and after they drinking red win and then coctales. 
But you know that Alcohol decreases testosterone, and lowers GH and thyroid, it increases insulin, it increases stress hormones and creates hormonal imbalances. 
First it creates negative changes in dopamine, and then sertonins and other brain chemicals. 
It cut acids which help to regulates and nutrition in your body. 
Not to mention, Alcohol completely disrupts your sleep pattern, it decreases REM and quality of sleep, which causes even more hormones imbalances. Of course, the best solution is to just stop drinking Alcohol.
 However many people are thinking for us "You're nuts ain't no way that's going to happen" we understand. 
So, try to reduce it as much as possible. Don't drink because you are bored or lonely. Don't fool yourself into thinking you are dong something healthy drinking your wine.
 May be just drink in some social event, 
So that the first step take 600-1200 mg of N-Actyl cysteine (NAC), with about 500-1000 mg of milk Thistle 80% extract before you go to drink. And if you drink a lot. then take the same does again, when you get home. 
listen if you apply this step you liver are protect ever form such things and you can reverse your damages and also your highlighted you drink more water. 
Finally, the type of Alcohol you drink is also a factor. 
A white bear it's also damage you, It's horrible for you testosterone levels and it increases estrogen. 
And it also causes inflammation and irritates the gut more than others.
Avoid sugary fruits while drinking it will taste good but not need to eat or drink it while drinking Alcohol.
 I know there are alot of wine drinkers. So, red win is better than white plus sugar. Keep in ind thought that most wines do not contain organic grapes.
So you are dealing with lost with lots of pesticides, which is horrible for your health, especially your gut.
Guys it your life and you can choose your own decision and don't with you life to become Alcoholic.
In their 40's to 50's and beyond, have health problems related to the Alcohol. 
So think about it, you can cheat nature, you will always pay the price, sooner or later. 

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