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Early Childhood Care and Education...

Newborn baby Care and Education.

A newborn baby is very special for every family member and he/she need constant care in order to survive.
May be you know that the period of the newborn's growth and development over the first 1 to 2 months and it is known as the Neonatal period of development.
The newborn's baby it's first and harder task is to adjusting to the world outside the womb.
A newborns baby spend their time in regular sleep, irregular sleep, quite alertness, crying and analysis's things which is around them.
The newborn babies use crying as a mean of communication because they don't know any word in that time.
Every babies is different they were develop in different ages and with different things. So do not compare your baby with your friends, family members and with anyone, he/she is special.
Mainly babies development is starting after 3 months.
A 3 month baby

  • smiles during interaction
  • Movement with a purpose
A 4 month baby

  • Starts to laugh and starting analysis to different colors.
  • reaches out for objects.
A 6-9 month baby

  • try to sit 
  • starts to crawl
  • understand language 
  • and knowing his mamma
A 1 years old baby 
  • start to walk easily
  • development in teeth and brain
  • try to identify color and taste 

Most of father and other family members do well at identifying their newborn's unique cry for each need and cause but Mother always understand his newborn baby because baby is more attach with his mamma first.
On the basis of research evidence from across the world, we know that the period of infancy and early childhood are in many way the most significant and critical in the life of an individual.
Did you know that the brain control development in all areas and the rate of brain growth is faster two years of life.
Doctors say's that brain development has shown that while we have all the cell that our brain will veer have at the time of birth.
And the synaptic connection between these brain cell from rapidly during the first two year.
It is found in a short research that the more the synaptic connection, the better functioning of the individuals.
It is because the rapid rate of brain development the first six years of life are critical for various areas of development.
In first Six years Early childhood care and education is very critical age to and difficulties for new parents.
In these starting age children what to know many things and they tackle problems in every field and mainly many times parents does not understand how they give good education to his baby.
By 'critical' period we mean a time period during which development in a specific areas is particularly sensitive to favourable and unfavorable experience.
Unfavourable experience means such as lack of adequate food, unhealthy living condition, lack of proper health care, illness, diseases, lack of love and nuturance, lack of interaction with adults and stimulating experience can hider development to a considerable extent.
On the other hand, favourable experience like an environment where your child gets favourable experience is also called a stimulating, optimal or an enriching environment, while an environment where your child has unfavourable experience would be called deprived environment or one that creates difficult circumstances.
While the early childhood years are sensitive periods in development wherein harmful experience can have a lasting impact.
Thus, if a child is in unfavourable she can recover them from damages.
Let the take the example of learning language.
Is language develop starts from one year age?
No, leaning of language is starts from the day the child is born as the child hear others speck and tries to makes sense of all the sounds like baba, mamma, babu etc.
 This is called babbling and this is followed by the utterance of the first word.
 It has been seen that children who cannot hear being to babble at the same time as there is delay in speaking.
 If hearing aids are provided later, then much effort is need to help the child to speak then if the hearing aids had been provided early.
In Early childhood care and education children develop his mind by them self and with the support of friendly volunteers.

Meaning and Importance of Early Childhood Care and education(ECCE).

  • It is a programme for children between 0-6 years
  • The formative years of a children are the most crucial period in his life
  • children have to be taught aspects which lead to their all round development
  • Teachers can either make or break a child life, hence meticulous training of teachers in all aspect of child care and management is required.

ECCE is provided in the country by the government, private institutions and the voluntary sectors (NGOs).
The services are provided through creches and preschool centers which are known by various names such as nursery schools, kinder garden, play schools anganwadis and balwadis.
Do you why they provided such services?
There are many reasons why we need services to take care of children's growth and development.
First, in our country all children do not grow up in an optimal environment. Many children live in bad condition where their basic needs of food, health and hygiene are not met.
In such that situation ECCE services can help to meet the basic health,nutrition need for children.
Second reason, that a large number of women across all socio-economic strata work outside the home to earn money for his children and family livelihood.
So the family is not physically available to take care of his child. So a mother have another option such as

  • leaving the child with a family member or friend during the days
  • the mother taking the child to her workplace
  • leaning the child with hired help in the house
  • and leaving his with older child in home
So these option some body can afforded and some can not like hiring help for baby is very expensive and leaning a baby with family member they all time can;t tackle it. 
The mother making child to with him in his workplace it is very little possibility.
So for these things children never develop him self because he is not come in a suitable and friendly educated environment.
So much better is that we should use ECCE services and give good education to our children.
Because as we discuses above that a newborn baby have a fresh and new memory and we should provide them good nature and society.
The Third reason, many time some people can not give good education, environment, play activities which is essential for his children and that much good company. So, in that time they use the ECCE services. And they also try to learn from and do practice with his child and after they learn him battery.
The age between 2 to 5 is very important for the children as well for child parents. In this age parents start his job towards his child to educate them. And also in this age of group children try to develop him self and start to become gental and intelligent.
Do you know why 2 to 5 age is very important for children, it is because in that time their have a fresh mind and able to get more and more information and they have more strong immune power for reload it and remember his every knowledge till the end.

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