Friday, May 1, 2020

5 Reason Junk Food is bad For Health - mamihealthy

Unhealthy Food...

In modern culture every person eat unhealthy food and avoid homemade food. They like ready-made food because it is easy to make but they avoid his harmful effects.
And the most importantly that the harmful effects of junk food and the positive impact of healthy food it must be stress upon.
The word of "Junk food" Itself define his work that how much it harmful to our health.
We know that the fast food industries is increases day be day because it can available in any where and in cheap rate and these food demand is never decreases.
Junk food does not require any healthy material.
As well as the inset of numerous food delivery apps, you can order it by one click and get in on your location on time.
There are many foods that are unhealthy for the prostate gland and it an raise the risk of prostrate enlargement with age.
eating unhealthy food causes Harmon imbalances in men.

List of Worst foods which we can avoid;

  • Trans Fats:  Some of the worst prostate damaging foods are hydrogenate oils like vegetable oil cotton seed oil and canola oil. These all oils are rich in omega 6 fats and cause massive amount of inflammation in the body. It have been shown to raise the risk of prostate cancer and prostate enlargement. You can use coconut oil it healthy and it have no negative impact on body system and eat boiling vegetable
  • Sugary Foods: Foods that are high in sugar some of the worst foods which harm the prostate.These cause high insulin in the body, a hormone which can cause the prostate to grow larger and swell. Drinking or eating much sugar causes many diseases. You can consume more leafy green calciferous vegetables to balance blood sugar levels.
  • Soy: Foods which can contains soy cause a range of different problems in the body. Soy is considered an anti nutrient as it blocks the absorption of proteins, It is also cause of overloaded of estrogen in the body. To reverse damage caused by eating lots of soy, eat pumpkin seeds and selfish to boost your zinc intake.
  • Alcohol: Many people drink Alcohol in daily basis but they do not realized that this cause high estrogen in the body. Alcohol damage the liver cells which causes this hormone imbalance, and triggers weight around stomach. A person can live without alcohol.
  • Anything Diet: Many people eat anything without know its whole description. When people go to the market they purchase anything to see some fake advertisement and after they show us negative effects, these all things impact on our body system and mainly in our immune system. A shot studies said that every diseases is grow by first junk food when we eat it regularly.
As every one know that we can not eat homemade food always and every time we need some junk food but when we understand that junk food we for just enjoyment and we dont est it in regular daily base. So in that time junk food not harm as.


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