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12 Amazing Health benefits Of Peanuts To Boost our Body...

Health benefits of Peanuts...

Peanuts also known as groundnuts, earth-nuts and goobers Health benefits of Peanuts. 
Peanuts have a strong nutrition profile which contain high level of fat and potassium.
The peanut or groundnut is a species in the legume or "bean" family. 
The peanut was probably first domesticated and cultivated in the valleys of Paraguay.
It is an annual herbaceous plant growing 30 to 50 cm tall Health Benefits of Peanuts.
Just an ounce of peatunes or two tablespoon of peanut butter week can save you from Gallbladder disease with 25% reduced risk.

 This amazing Health benefits of Peanuts keeps all the diseases at bay.
  • Prevents heart diseases: Peanuts and peanuts butter are rich in monounsaturated fats, the type of fat that is emphasized in the heart healthy Mediterranean diet. Studies of diet with a special emphasis on peanuts have shown that this tittle legume is a big ally for a healthy heart. In addition to their monounsaturated fat content, peanuts feature an array of other nutrients that, in numerous studies, have been shown to promote heart health.
  • Boost your metabolism: Peanuts provided key nutrients that can help keep your metabolism at its best. What is more is that peanuts may help to stimulate your metabolism? Purdue University found that after eating peanuts regularly for 19 to 20 weeks, resting energy expenditure was 11% greater than baseline. Studies in adults and in children have shown that people who eat peanuts on the regularly basis have body mass Index's. So, including peanuts and peanut butter as a nutrition addition to your diet can to be done without guilt or breaking " the diet" bank, when eaten in the right portions.
  • Fight depression: Low serotonin levels leads to depression. Tryptophan in peanuts increases the release of this chemical and thus helps you fight from depression and stress, it is most amazing Health benefits of peanuts. Eating peanuts benefits health in many ways and you should make it a point to take in minimum of two tablespoon of peanut butter in each weak in order to keep those dangures diseases away and stay healthy.
  • Save you from Gall Stones: Just an ounce of peanuts or two tablespoons of peanut butter each week can save you from gall stones or gallbladder diseases with 25% reduce risk. This amazing health benefit of peanuts keeps all the disease at bay. It might be surprising that the nuts can help prevent gallstones. But 20 years of research has shown that eating one ounce of nuts, peanuts or peanuts butter the risk of developing gallstones by 25%
  • Reduce Colon Cancer: Peanuts can reduce colon cancer especially in women. Eating at least 2 spoons of peanut butter twice a week can reduce the risk of colon Cancer in women by up to 58% and in men by up to 27%. This is one of the best Heath Benefit of Peanuts.
  • Gain your weight: Although nuts are known to provide a verity of cardio prospective benefits, many are avoid them for fear of weight gain. A short study published in the journal Obesity shows such fears are groundless. In fact, people who eat nuts regularly at least 2 spoon are much likely to gain weight then those who almost never eat nuts.
  • Help Increase fertility: Do you know Nuts contain a good amount of folic acid. Previous study have shown that women who have a daily intake of 400 mg of folic acid before and during early pregnancy reduce the risk of having baby born with a serious neural tube defect by 70%.
  • Assist Blood sugar: A quarter cup of beans can supply the body with 35% of the value of the requires daily manages, a mineral that plays a role in fat and carbohydrate, metabolism, calcium, basorption, and blood sugar regulation.
  • Improve Memory: Do you know what can be found in beans that give them a "brain food" tag? This is due to their Vitamin B3 or niacin content many healthy benefits including normal brain function and improve memory power.
  •  Anti-oxidants: Peanuts contains anti-oxidant in high concentration. These anti-oxidant become more active when peanuts are boiled. There is a 2 fold increase in Biochemical-A and 4 fold increase in Genistein content. These reduce he damage done by free radical produce in the body. To lower your risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease, enjoy a handful of peanuts or other nuts, or a table spoon of nut butter, at least 4 times a week.
  • Anti-aging: Peanuts have been found to contain the potent anti-aging molecule restorative, the same phytochemical found in red wine and grapes. Studies have shown that restorative can fight the proliferation the proliferation of fat cells and improve the uptake of sugar from the blood.
  • Rich sugar of B complex Vitamin and Minerals: The nuts are packed with many important B complex groups of Vitamin such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantheistic acid, Vitamin B6, and folates. 100g of peanuts provided about 85% of RDI of niacin, which contribute to brain health and blood flow to brain. The nuts are rich sources of mineral like copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, Iron, magnisum, zinc, and selenium just handful of peanut per day provide enough recommended levels of phenol, anti oxidant, minerals, Vitamins, and protein.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Early Childhood Care and Education...

Newborn baby Care and Education.

A newborn baby is very special for every family member and he/she need constant care in order to survive.
May be you know that the period of the newborn's growth and development over the first 1 to 2 months and it is known as the Neonatal period of development.
The newborn's baby it's first and harder task is to adjusting to the world outside the womb.
A newborns baby spend their time in regular sleep, irregular sleep, quite alertness, crying and analysis's things which is around them.
The newborn babies use crying as a mean of communication because they don't know any word in that time.
Every babies is different they were develop in different ages and with different things. So do not compare your baby with your friends, family members and with anyone, he/she is special.
Mainly babies development is starting after 3 months.
A 3 month baby

  • smiles during interaction
  • Movement with a purpose
A 4 month baby

  • Starts to laugh and starting analysis to different colors.
  • reaches out for objects.
A 6-9 month baby

  • try to sit 
  • starts to crawl
  • understand language 
  • and knowing his mamma
A 1 years old baby 
  • start to walk easily
  • development in teeth and brain
  • try to identify color and taste 

Most of father and other family members do well at identifying their newborn's unique cry for each need and cause but Mother always understand his newborn baby because baby is more attach with his mamma first.
On the basis of research evidence from across the world, we know that the period of infancy and early childhood are in many way the most significant and critical in the life of an individual.
Did you know that the brain control development in all areas and the rate of brain growth is faster two years of life.
Doctors say's that brain development has shown that while we have all the cell that our brain will veer have at the time of birth.
And the synaptic connection between these brain cell from rapidly during the first two year.
It is found in a short research that the more the synaptic connection, the better functioning of the individuals.
It is because the rapid rate of brain development the first six years of life are critical for various areas of development.
In first Six years Early childhood care and education is very critical age to and difficulties for new parents.
In these starting age children what to know many things and they tackle problems in every field and mainly many times parents does not understand how they give good education to his baby.
By 'critical' period we mean a time period during which development in a specific areas is particularly sensitive to favourable and unfavorable experience.
Unfavourable experience means such as lack of adequate food, unhealthy living condition, lack of proper health care, illness, diseases, lack of love and nuturance, lack of interaction with adults and stimulating experience can hider development to a considerable extent.
On the other hand, favourable experience like an environment where your child gets favourable experience is also called a stimulating, optimal or an enriching environment, while an environment where your child has unfavourable experience would be called deprived environment or one that creates difficult circumstances.
While the early childhood years are sensitive periods in development wherein harmful experience can have a lasting impact.
Thus, if a child is in unfavourable she can recover them from damages.
Let the take the example of learning language.
Is language develop starts from one year age?
No, leaning of language is starts from the day the child is born as the child hear others speck and tries to makes sense of all the sounds like baba, mamma, babu etc.
 This is called babbling and this is followed by the utterance of the first word.
 It has been seen that children who cannot hear being to babble at the same time as there is delay in speaking.
 If hearing aids are provided later, then much effort is need to help the child to speak then if the hearing aids had been provided early.
In Early childhood care and education children develop his mind by them self and with the support of friendly volunteers.

Meaning and Importance of Early Childhood Care and education(ECCE).

  • It is a programme for children between 0-6 years
  • The formative years of a children are the most crucial period in his life
  • children have to be taught aspects which lead to their all round development
  • Teachers can either make or break a child life, hence meticulous training of teachers in all aspect of child care and management is required.

ECCE is provided in the country by the government, private institutions and the voluntary sectors (NGOs).
The services are provided through creches and preschool centers which are known by various names such as nursery schools, kinder garden, play schools anganwadis and balwadis.
Do you why they provided such services?
There are many reasons why we need services to take care of children's growth and development.
First, in our country all children do not grow up in an optimal environment. Many children live in bad condition where their basic needs of food, health and hygiene are not met.
In such that situation ECCE services can help to meet the basic health,nutrition need for children.
Second reason, that a large number of women across all socio-economic strata work outside the home to earn money for his children and family livelihood.
So the family is not physically available to take care of his child. So a mother have another option such as

  • leaving the child with a family member or friend during the days
  • the mother taking the child to her workplace
  • leaning the child with hired help in the house
  • and leaving his with older child in home
So these option some body can afforded and some can not like hiring help for baby is very expensive and leaning a baby with family member they all time can;t tackle it. 
The mother making child to with him in his workplace it is very little possibility.
So for these things children never develop him self because he is not come in a suitable and friendly educated environment.
So much better is that we should use ECCE services and give good education to our children.
Because as we discuses above that a newborn baby have a fresh and new memory and we should provide them good nature and society.
The Third reason, many time some people can not give good education, environment, play activities which is essential for his children and that much good company. So, in that time they use the ECCE services. And they also try to learn from and do practice with his child and after they learn him battery.
The age between 2 to 5 is very important for the children as well for child parents. In this age parents start his job towards his child to educate them. And also in this age of group children try to develop him self and start to become gental and intelligent.
Do you know why 2 to 5 age is very important for children, it is because in that time their have a fresh mind and able to get more and more information and they have more strong immune power for reload it and remember his every knowledge till the end.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

30 Amazing Facts About Kissing You Didn't Know...

Amazing Psychological Facts About kissing...

Those person is very lucky who fall in love.
Love without kisses is purely incomplete. this is an exceptional concept of specking without saying a single word. Life is colored of kissing.
There are many Amazing Facts about kissing which is connected with our whole body system.
Love is a feeling of well being and of natural emotions. It is an activity that keeps us in heaven spirit and is liked to attached our emotions. The benefits and amazing facts of kissing and giving love to other is that it attached to our heart and makes us connected to others, provides stability and security.
Just only one kiss removes fear and gives a feeling of being kind and good towards other.
We need to love to survive to feel the need to belong to someone. A kiss attached with different emotions is being expressed, but the bottom line remain that a Kiss knows no colour, no race, no sexual orientation, and class.
A kiss is universal.

30 Amazing Facts About Kiss:

  • Passionate kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute.
  • Do you know the most amazing and funny thing is that researchers still can't explain our need to kiss.
  • The Science of kissing is called philematology.
  • Kissing makes your breath faster and pumps more oxygen to your brain.
  • Psychopaths are more likely to kiss with their eyes wide open.
  • You can find your lover's lips even in complete darkness because certain neurons in brain aid to do so.
  • 70% of people aged 16 to 24 years had their first kiss by the age of 15.
  • 10% of world population does not kiss.
  • When two people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria with in a mints.
  • When deciding whether to kiss someone, women pay much closer attention then men do to the breath and teeth of their partner.
  • It is possible for a women to reach orgasm through kissing.
  • It improve your mood, during a lip lock the brain releases dopamine and which is responsible for feeling of of desire and bounding, and stoniness that elevates your mood. The freeing and emotion stirred up, and molecules and chemical released throughout the body from a kiss can heal emotion.
  • More than 95% men and women occasionally like to rub their nose while kissing.
  • The amazing fact is that when some one fall in love and someone stares at your lips during conversation, that person desires to kiss you.
  • Kissing involves 34 facial muscles, and 112 postural muscles. The most important muscle involves in the peck is the orbicular orris as it puckers the lips.
  • Kissing causes your pupils to dilate, which is why you mostly tend to close your eyes when locking lips.

  • Men, more than woman, use kissing in an attempt to end fights. A kiss is one and only to give energy to avoid any type of stress and pressure.
  • A short study analysis that on an average, a person spends 18 days of his life on kissing. Because they are attached with it and after kissing he/she feel more close
  • Kissing is good for teeth. The anticipation of a kiss increase the flow of saliva to the mouth, and giving the teeth a plaque - dispersing bath.
  • When you kiss someone for the first time, sourly you get a spike in the neurotransmitter dopamine, that is making you crave more.
  • Three passionate kisses a day can double your metabolic rate and can help you lose up to a pound.
  • Do you kissing is a pain killer mentally, emotionally and physically. If you doing struggle and engaged with some word and you have a lot of stress , So of course you always disturbed mentally but by the fall ion love and kiss some one it works as a pain killer.
  •  Kissing lower a women's risk of suffering from depression, it will help you to tackle problem with happiness and giving boost to enjoy life with graceful.
  • Men who kiss their wives before leaving for work get into fewer can accidents.
  • Unknown fact is that about kiss is, kiss stimulates 29 muscles and chemicals causing relaxation.
  • Kissing at the conclusion of wedding ceremony can be traced to an ancient Roman tradition where a kiss was used to sigh contract.
  • Leap kissing became fashionable among medieval ascetics and religious nobility during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, it was deemed proof of humility.
  • Prostitutes avoid kissing client on their lips to reduce the likelihood of bounding.
  • Kissing decrease lgE antibodies in the blood that are responsible for the release histamoine. Histamine release in the blood stream cause allergy symptom such as sneezing and waterlily eyes. Therefore, more sneezing and histamine release.
  • A study cohabiting and married couple showed an increase frequent of kissing and decrease stress, increase relationship satisfaction, and decrease cholesterol levels. Stress is well known risk factor for heart disease. Hence prove, kisses keeps your heart healthy with one two punch by lowering blood pressure and stabilizing the cardiovascular system.
Do you know a kiss is proper and honesty way of expressing your feelings to someone.Amazing Facts About Kiss..

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Is Alcohol killing our body & Brain ?

Is Alcohol killing our body & Brain.How we resolve it?....

we find it interesting how people self sabotage so much.
Just example they want to make money and they doing to spend there money in stupid things which they not to need and they spend there time in watching TV, even the can use his time to do something useful  works like exercise. 
Or they say they want to be happy relationship and yet, they keep getting involved with toxic people who they allow to mistreat them. 
And same thing with health, people sat they want to be healthier and they don't do the basics such as eating better moving batter and more and managing there stress management and taking some supplements. 
Now we are taking about Alcohol that how it is good or bad, why we become Alcoholic and how it is effected to our brain and whole body system. 
The Main thing is that Alcohol is more abuse drug of the planet. 
Yes, Alcohol is a drug.
Now, just like people say they want more energy for there functioning brain smoothly. 
They want be a happier. Look younger, they want a better hormones, they want lose fat and gain muscles, they want live longer and sleep better, and so and so on.
And yet these some people drink Alcohol which cause negative effect in our body system and brain and much more.
 There is no matter that how you look at it, how you justify it. Alcohol is a toxic to summaries you age and your entire body. 
Sure, you all find a study that says how alcohol is good for your health and daily drink 1 ml of Alcohol work like a medicine and good for your heart, it all a biggest crap.
If you want to know the benefits of red wine: collect some organic red grapes, It is the polyphenols, reservation and similar compounds that are found in thin skinned fruits, that are good for your body. 
Not the red wine which is basically, grape juice mixed with Alcohol. 
Or you can use some organic oil which is super high in polyphenols or even really good quality, caffeine free coffee and much better green tea. Again you can absorb that it is good for your health.
I can go on and on with the negatives of alcohol. not shoulder for short term but long term its be.
For example I get guys complaining about not gaining muscles and yet they are drinking Alcohol and many women's also complaining to lose fat and after they drinking red win and then coctales. 
But you know that Alcohol decreases testosterone, and lowers GH and thyroid, it increases insulin, it increases stress hormones and creates hormonal imbalances. 
First it creates negative changes in dopamine, and then sertonins and other brain chemicals. 
It cut acids which help to regulates and nutrition in your body. 
Not to mention, Alcohol completely disrupts your sleep pattern, it decreases REM and quality of sleep, which causes even more hormones imbalances. Of course, the best solution is to just stop drinking Alcohol.
 However many people are thinking for us "You're nuts ain't no way that's going to happen" we understand. 
So, try to reduce it as much as possible. Don't drink because you are bored or lonely. Don't fool yourself into thinking you are dong something healthy drinking your wine.
 May be just drink in some social event, 
So that the first step take 600-1200 mg of N-Actyl cysteine (NAC), with about 500-1000 mg of milk Thistle 80% extract before you go to drink. And if you drink a lot. then take the same does again, when you get home. 
listen if you apply this step you liver are protect ever form such things and you can reverse your damages and also your highlighted you drink more water. 
Finally, the type of Alcohol you drink is also a factor. 
A white bear it's also damage you, It's horrible for you testosterone levels and it increases estrogen. 
And it also causes inflammation and irritates the gut more than others.
Avoid sugary fruits while drinking it will taste good but not need to eat or drink it while drinking Alcohol.
 I know there are alot of wine drinkers. So, red win is better than white plus sugar. Keep in ind thought that most wines do not contain organic grapes.
So you are dealing with lost with lots of pesticides, which is horrible for your health, especially your gut.
Guys it your life and you can choose your own decision and don't with you life to become Alcoholic.
In their 40's to 50's and beyond, have health problems related to the Alcohol. 
So think about it, you can cheat nature, you will always pay the price, sooner or later. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

10 Easy Method for Pain Relives 2020

Easy method for Constipation Relives...

If you are suffering from constipation, it is often because there is not enough water in your body, that problem occurs when you don't enough fluids.
Constipation is a common problem and is usually caused by poor nutrition and imbalance within the body.
For you kind information carrying lots of waste can have cause toxins to leak into your body, which cause of become weaker you immune system.
As make sure you gain unhealthy weight and makes the body prone to infection and disease.
If you haven't used the toilet for more than 2 days, then you can assume that it is likely you are constipation and may pain, discomfort and gas.
Because constipation is a feeling of being unable to empty your bowels regularly.
Constipation is a very common problem, and everyone experienced it occasionally.

Some Easy method to get relief from Constipation:

  • Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into 1 litre of mineral water. For use this things in morning and evening, it will stimulate the digestive system, and the water will hydrate your body. This helps the fecal matter to slide matter to slide through the intestine easier. 
  • Drink more water, being dehydrated regularly can make you become constipation person. If you want fast prevention from it you have to drink water more as you can.
  • You should eat more fiber, especially soluble, non - ferment able fiber. A short study found that 78% of people with chronic constipation benefited from supplementing with fiber. You can eat soluble as well as non soluble fibers. like; beans, lentils, peas, vegetable, whole grains, wheat bran and some fruits.
  • Exercise and yoga is a natural treatment for any type of disease. And if you feel some thing going wrong with your body system just like constipation, so you should exercise everyday at-least 1 hour. It is much better to take any medicine and waste money in doctors. However, other studies have also found same result for this group of people. Exercise may reduce the problem of constipation.
  • If you like drink coffee so when you are suffering from this problem you should drink coffee in every morning especially cold coffee is much better. And much better idea to take 1 cup of black coffee works to trigger a bowel movement due to the caffeine within. This should only be drunk once in a while, as too much caffeine can have the opposite effect.
  • Add apple cider vinegar into your diet. You can add this to a healthy smoothies. Juice, salads or glasses of water. It is pectin within thus helps to vinegar helps to improve you digestion and make your life easy. The live enzymes within also help to break down your food as well as the magnesium helping to promote regular bowel movements. 
  • Eat raw extra virgin olive oil, You can take it 1 tablespoon of this in the morning after wake-up and with empty  stomach. This lubricates the bowels and interesting, allowing stools to pass easier. 
  •  as we previous discuses that soluble and insoluble fiber help us to prevent from constipation Eating raw vegetables and fruits with every meals will promote normal digestion and prevent constipation in the future. you can eat some benefits things like; broccoli, apricots, plums, pears, berries, apples and coniferous vegetable are highly recommended by doctors.
  • In starting way of exercise you should start with some simple exercise such as star jumps or a light jog.  It will help you to speed up the metabolism and aid digestion. Often you will find other only 10 min of exercise  you may need to use toilet.
  • If you suffer with constipation long terms, then you may wish to introduce macrobiotic supplements and digestive enzymes into your diet.
  • These fruits help your body boost and help to stomach to take light pressure to digest your food in stomach naturally, giving you body a healthy, yet natural boost. If in starting way you eat some light food it is also help you alot and make sour after eating food you have to take walk at least 10 min day and night both.
  • If you want to increase your digestion power you should keep chewing food. Chewing is often underestimate, but it is crucial for proper digestion. Take your time and chew eat time 20 to 30 times before swallowing.
  • More stress and social pressure, it is also and major problem of lack of complete digestion. Feeling of stress or anxiety can mess with your digestive system because of you, brain and digestive system are inter connected. try stress reliving exercise, getting more sleep and use relaxation techniques.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

What is the risk of Depression ? 2020

Risk Factor of Depression...

Depression is a disorder of the brain.
There are a variety of causes including genetic, environmental, psychological, and biochemical factors.
Depression usually starts between the ages of 15 to 30 and is much more common in women.
More time women can also get postpartum depression after the birth of the baby.
Many times more depression shown in children and teens.
Because children and teens are unable to handle many situation and after they come in the zone of Depression and they feel harmless.
In the Depression situation so many feels are circulated in brain and symptoms occur in whole body system like;

  • Loss of interest in hobbies. sports and Sex.
  • Feeling of sadness, tear-fullness, becoming hopelessness,
  • Angry outbursts, irritability or frustration even over small matters.
  • Feel tired and lack of energy, even small task they take extra effort
  • Feeling of worthlessness or guilt, fixation on past failure or self blame.
  • Unexplained physical problems like back pain and headaches.
  • lack of sleep and can't make concentration.
  • Anxiety, agitation or restlessness.
  • Slow thinking
  • lack of good body structure and speaking style
  • Frequent and recurrent thought of Death.
  • Clinginess, Worry, Aches and pain in body, usually shown in children.
  • Children and teens being underweight.
  • In teens, teenager create negative thinking in there mind and feel worthless
  • people become misunderstood and extremely sensitive, and after they take drugs and alcohol.
  • Depressive person eat and sleep more.
  • They going to avoid social interaction and setup his/her self in alone places.
  • These types of people have loss memory control and lack of good personality.
  • Suicidal thinking or feeling, especially in adults.
  • If you suffer from these factors you should take advise of Doctors and rich out to your close friends.
The Risk factor of depression primary include family history.
Is someone in your family or any close relationships has history of Depression and another kind of mental illness you are more likely to have it.
Also the things happening in you life that are difficult you are more likely if the gain you pain to having depression.
So there have many reasons to having depression.
The important point is one's the depression tens take it place, it can't easy remove.
Do you know Depression is a serious medical illness that involves the brain it's more than just a feeling or being' down in the dumps' for a few days. 
If you are of the more than 20 million people in the United State who have depression, the feeling do not go away. They persist and interfere wroth your everyday life.

Friday, May 8, 2020

How to Restore Kidney Damages Naturally ? 2020

How to Restore Kidney Damages Naturally...

Do you know why are the kidney is so important?
As usual many people know that some major function f kidney like to remove waste products and excess fluid from the body.
But, these waste product are removed through the urine, other hormones produces by the kidney to help regulated blood pressure and control calcium metabolism.
 Do you know Kidney has 7 function

1. Controlling ACID - base balance.
2. Controlling WATER balance.
3. Maintaining ELECTROLYTE balance.
4. Removing TOXINS and waste products from the body.
5. Controlling BLOOD PRESSURE.
6. Producing the hormone ERYTHROPOIETIN.
7. Active Vitamin D.

Your kidneys are responsible for filtering out waste product regulating your blood pressure and balancing fluids within the body.
Unfortunately, these vital organs can become sugar, high blood pressure, and obesity vessels within the kidneys.

  • Water: Make sure you are getting enough water. this ingredient that you need for cleaning purposes. Not only can't help fight against bacteria infection kidney stones, and remove harmful particles from your blood.
  • Oatmeal: In Oatmeal has a Iron and Vitamin B6 per serving which is exterminate important for preventing kidney stones and nutrient depletion. As aware that to not to eat a crazy amount of it though, as some brands are a bit high in potassium level as compared to other grains on the market.
  • Kale: Do you know that kale is absolutely fantastic for fighting against inflammation because it contains both Vitamin A and Vitamin C. AS you know, kale has low in potassium, it does contain a high amount of iron which is needed for healthy kidney function. For those have kidney diseases, kale can fight to all type of Iron deficiency.
  • Dark colored colas: It should be avoid on a renal diet because they contain phosphorus in its additive form, which is normally highly absorbed by the human body.
  • Avocados: Avocados is very taste food and many people like to eat it. As short study analyse that if we take accolades in two times in week so feel healthy and happy with glowing skin. But for kidney diseases person take it, its give harmful effect to them. Avocado should be avoid on a renal diet dye to their high potassium content. Only one cup of avocados provide approximately 37% of the 200mg potassium restriction.
  • Canned Foods: Canned Food is not good for healthy because we real dont know who made it and what type of ingredient is mix up and we didn't analyse that is infected or not. Canned foods are often high in sodium. Avoiding, Limiting or buying low sodium varieties is likely best to reduce your overall sodium consumption.
  • Whole wheat:  Whole wheat is good for gym person it gives every type of nutrition to body to increase muscles but it's main negative effect shown to kidney diseases persons. because bread-white bread is typically recommended over whole wheat bread on a renal diet due to its lower phosphorus and potassium levels. All bread contains sodium, so it is best to compare food labels and choose a lower sodium variety.
  • Brown Rice: Brown rice is good for gym person because eating brown rice it help to reduce extra fat and converted into bally fat. But if you suffering from any kidney diseases so don't eat it, you should avoid eat because brown rice has high content phosphorus and potassium and it will likely need to be potion controlled or limited on a renal diet. White rice, Bulgar, buckwheat couscous are all good alternatives.
  • Bananas: Bananas is help to boost our body system beside kidney. after all bananas are a rich sources of potassium and may need to be limited on a real diet. Pineapple is a kidney friendly, as it contains much less potassium than certain other tropical fruits.
  • Dairy: For taking dairy product we get many types of Vitamin and nutrients. As every one know that Dairy product contains high amounts of phosphorus, potassium and protein and should be limited on a renal diet, dispute Missoula's high calcium content, it phosphorus content may weaken bones in those with kidney disease.
  • Orange juice: As everyone know orange juice are contains high in potassium and should be limited on a renal fir diet. Try grapes, oranges, apples, cranberries or their juices instead.
  • Pickles, Olives and relish: Do you know Pickles is directly effected to or body system because in pickles, olives and relish are contains high amount of oil which if not good for health. In pickles,  processed Olive and relish are high in sodium and should be limited on a renal diet.
  • Potatoes and sweet potatoes: A potatoes and sweet potatoes contains sugar and fat and also it has potassium vegetable. If you take it to boiling or double cooking potatoes can decreases potassium by about 50%

When this course, you kidneys are unable to function at their optimal level which can cause waste to build up your blood from the foot that you consume.
For those who have kidney disease, a strict that is restrictive in sodium, potassium, proteins and phosphorus is a must as damages kidney have a hard time filtering these particular minerals out of your system.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

How to Protect Your Liver ?

Foods that protect your liver...

The liver is one of the most important organ in the body, it is because it places many roles in the metabolic and regulation of the body.
It is reddish brown in colour and it's divided into four lobes of unequal size and shapes.
liver converts glucose to glycogen.
It helps produce urea, which is the main substance for urine.
Also, appetite suppressant, cocaine and HIV are some factors believed to trigger the contraction or narrowing of the pulmonary artery.
Do you know that liver is the body's largest gland, weighting about three to four pounds.
Liver is a metabolic active organ for responsible for many vital life function.

  • Beetroots: Beets are powerful food for cleaning and supporting liver function. High in plant flvavonoids and beta carotene, they help srimulate and improve overall liver function. therefore, beetroot are natural blood purifiers. It is controlling cholesterol levels, helping blood to clot, releasing bile, a liquid that breaks down fats and aids digestion. Simply add fresh beetroots or juice to your daily diet. 
  • Grapefruit: Grapefruit is rich in natural Vitamin C and antioxidants, two powerful liver cleansers. Grapefruit contains compound that boost the production of liver detoxification enjymes. It is also contains a flsvonoid compound known as naringenir that causes the liver to burn fat rather than store it. You should drink a small glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice or enjoy the whole fruit with your breakfast daily.
  •  Green tea: Many foods and drinks can help cleanse, rejuvenate and detoxify your liver. By drinking green tea daily, you can help your body flush out toxins and fat deposits, while increasing hydration levels. The antioxidant found in green tea have also been found to assist liver function, and protect the liver from the damaging effects of toxic substances such as alcohol.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the most powerful foods for maintaining a healthy liver.This will help keep your liver healthy and functioning the way you need it to.It has been shown for actively protect the liver against toxic damages, and even regenerate damaged liver cells. Turmeric also boost the natural production of bile, shrinks engorged hepatic ducts, and improves overall function of the gallbladder another body-purifying organ. 
  • Leafy Green vegetables: One of our most powerful allies in cleaning the liver, leafy greens can be eaten raw, cooked or juiced. Extremely high in chlorophyll, greens soak up environment toxins from the blood stream. With their distinct ability to neutralize heavy metals, chemicals, these cleaning foods offer a powerful protective mechanism for the liver. Do you know IN Incorporate leafy greens such as bitter gourd, arugula, dandelion greens, spinach, mustard greens, and chicory into your diet.
Liver has many important function that keeps a person healthy.
It removes harmful material from the bloodstream and helps digest food, it work hard, performing hundreds of complex functions which including: fighting infections illness, removing toxin such as from the body.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

7 Health Benifits of Warm Water...

Health Benefit of Drink Warm Water...

According to Ayurvedic medicine, drinking very warm water, especially first thing in the morning, it's provide a huge benefit to our digestion, reduce metabolic waste which can help to heal our bodies by boosting our immune system as well as benefits to digestion by tightening our intestine.
 What happens when we drink cold water is that it cause blood vessels in the stomach to shrink as it passes through our body system.
It is very interesting that a man consist of 80% of water.
So, we almost made of water and still need it.
We are so accustomed to living in the present that we completely disregard any concern about the future of succeeding generation and our planet as well.
We all know that water is very essential for our body. And helps our body to function properly and stressful.
A short studies has shown that water helps to rid your body of toxins, keeps you healthy and keeps you looking young with a fresh glass of water each morning.
It is recommended that you start your day with drink warm water.
Doctors recommend consuming a glass of warm water in the morning for best results.

Benefit of Drink warm water:

  • Relieves Constipation: Drinking warm water on an empty stomach on a regular basis and consistent basis can help to regulate your bowel movements and relieve constipation. Warm Water helps your digestive system to work properly. Do you know that to drink warm water in the morning it will helps to breakdown food and makes your bowel movements smooth and fit it.  
  • reduce stomach swelling:  If you are suffer any swelling problem in your stomach and you also take many medicine but its not get full relive. In that such as situation you should drink Warm water in the morning and also get relive any pain and discomfort. Drink warm water with empty stomach and you can also and some honey in your water and lemon also.
  • Improve Digestion system: As we already discussed, warm water helps your body in digestive system. Warm water stimulates your digestive gland to begin working. Do you know warm water helps you stomach to breakdown the food and get more nutrition. It feel some relives of the work that your digestive system mist do. In that way stomach use less energy to break down any food in body.
  • Prevent from harmful acid: For drinking water in morning and night before sleep your body get rid the harmful stomach acids, it neutralizes your digestive juice in your gut. 
  • Treats Nasal Congestion: Warm water can even help to treat nasal congestion. When you consume warm water, it breaks up the mucus in your nasal cavities and in your respiratory tract. Because this is not sitting in your nose, it lowers the chance that a virus or a bacteria will begin to grow in your nasal cavity.
  • Soothes Sore Throat: Sore throats are a common issue experienced by many people that suffer from a cold, flu or allergies. Yet, warm water can help sooth your sore throat and relieve any discomfort. The warm water will also help to breakdown the thick mucus and it also make it respiratory tract. 
  • Detoxifies Your body: As previous discussion, Warm water can help to clean your body of any harmful toxins. And when we consume a few glasses of warm water, it will raise your body temperature. As a result your body begin to sweat in order to cool down. The toxins will leave your body through your sweat. If you consuming warm water on a regular basis it will clean your skin and make your skin healthy. 
Make sour you like it.

Monday, May 4, 2020

10 Healthy Benefits of yoga.

Health Benefits of yoga...

As you all know that Yoga is most important part of our life.
It's balancing the relationship between body and mind.
Earlier people belong the Buddhism and Hinduism are used to Yoga to of the Yoga and Meditation.
Yoga has various type like; Raja Yoga, Hath Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Janna Yoga.
A world event is celebrated in every year which known as International Day of Yoga, as for to increase the awareness of Yoga benefits among people all over the world.
Yoga also helps to reducing stress, anxiety, even a person mental breakdown.
Yoga is a therapy which helps to get rid of illness slowly if you practice it in regular basis.
Yoga is an ideal exercise to body and mind
Yoga has Its significance since ancient times.
And it's true that Yoga has helped many of us,
Practicing of yoga offers a number of health benefits;

  • Improve your flexibility: You only need to your Yoga exercise in daily base routine, it to benefits from a body that is strong supple and flexible. Regular yoga practice is can stretches and tones the body muscles. And also make strong body system. 
  • Improve body posture: It also improve your body posture when you stand, sit, sleep or walk. This would in turn help you take relive you of body pain due to incorrect posture
  •  Lower blood sugar: Yoga Lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol. If some one suffering with diabetes, Yoga has been found to lower blood sugar by several ways. By lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels, encouraging weight loss and improving sensitivity to the effects of insulin get your blood sugar level down. And you can decreases your risk of diabetes complications such as heart attack, kidney, failure, and blindness.
  • Weight loss: For doing regular exercise its can help you to loss you weight. Yoga for weight loss be effective. It can help you to loss you metabolism, and build stronger muscles. Two things are essential for weight loss, If you start to eat more and more whole, organic foods while performing a daily Yoga routine you will be more likely to see the pound some off quicker.
  • Better Breathing: All the exercise of yoga is mainly depend of breathing well because when we breath fresh air our inner body system is feel relax more. Yoga includes breathing practice Pranayama which can be effective for reducing our stress response, and improving lung function and encouraging relaxation. Many Pranayama emphasize slowing down and deeping the breath, which activates the body's Parasympathetic system or relaxation response.
  •  Best Circulation of blood: Yoga improves blood circulation by transporting nutrition and oxygen throughout your body. Do you know Yoga practice provides healthier organs skin, and brain.
  • Get more Energy: Regular Yoga practice provides consistent energy. As in fact, most Yogis state that when you perform your Yoga correctly you sourly feel energized after your yoga session rather than tried.
  • You naturally Reduce Pair: Do you this is the most important health benefits of Yoga. There are countless study proving that Yoga can be very effective at relieving any type of pain. It does not matter if you suffer from fibromyalgia arthritis, or migraine headaches. Yoga has been proven to effectively reduce pain from all these kind of pain.
  • Reduce tablets: If you regularly do Yoga Your whole body feel relax and stressful and pain releaf. And if you are from some normal diseases and take many type of tablet and you never like top take tablet, Yoga can remove you tablet problem because yoga is a natural therapy and easy to do. Yoga can make that pain practically disappear.
  • Cardiovascular conditioning: Even a gentle yoga practice can provide cardiovascular benefits by lowering heart rate and increasing endurance and improving oxygen uptake during exercise.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

12 Extraordinary Facts about Yoga May You Not Know ?

Facts About Yoga ...

 Do you know the art of yoga helps in controlling an individual's mind, body and soul.
Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means translates to "join". It is believed that Yoga join humans spirit with the divine.
Yoga is an ancient art which was oriented in India around 6 or 7 thousands years ago.
Early before thousand year people were used yoga and mediation in their life to live longer and healthy and they get  inner motivational energy power.
Yoga is very simple to do for any age of group even child and its safe and can be safely practiced by anyone anytime.
It is an exercise that we can perform by balancing our body and mind.

  • Cure you mind: Yoga is one and only thing to relieves anxiety depression, stress and improves you memory.
  • Boost our Immune system power: As you know that I always say that Immune system is very important part of our body to regulate our whole system. Yoga improves immunity and enhance it on a genetic level.
  • Healthy Eating: Yoga Increases emotional and physical sensations to eat healthy food. Because when you do Yoga regularly you can see your health development and affcource after it you don't want to damage it. Practicing it regularly reduce food cavity and the habit of overeating.
  • Hath Yoga: 'Ha' means sun and 'tha' means moon. It is the most frequent practice Yoga in western culture and is an attempt to combine two complimentary forces.
  • Yoga Gender: A male practitioner of Yoga is called a Yoga and a female practitioner is called Yogini.
  • Largest Yoga lesson: They largest yoga lesson happened in Mysore, India and involves 55, 606 people.
  • Face Yoga: Every woman apply many crimes and do regular facial but it gives bad impact on his face. Facial Yoga is another Yoga which is done to relax you face skin/ muscles, and neck and reduce eye strain.
  • Oldest Yoga teacher: Ida Herbet is the oldest Yoga teacher as per Guinness Book of world Record; She lives Canada and is more than 100 years old. 
  • Life Chakras: It's believe there are eight Chakras in the body which absorbed energy. Yoga, supposedly, purify these and keep positive energy flowing and thoughts 

  • Better Relationship: Many relationship is broken by lack of understanding, it's because of many types of stress are covered as. Yoga keeps your mind relax. Hence, it deals with relationship issues in a more sorted way.
  • Helps in OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) : If you are obsessed with biting your nails or have a different obsessive compulsive Disorder then Yoga will helps you get rid it.
  • Toughest Yoga pose: Sayanasan which translates to resting pose is one of the rest toughest Yoga posture. In this, you stand on your elbow with feet towards your head.

Naturally Ways of Pimple Remedy

Natural Treatment for Acne...

In the Modern and stressful life the teenagers and some young age groups surfer a lot of problems and specially girls, she have to much pressures of settling life and another personal problem.
By short study analyses that a one problem is surfer to both of one man as well as women it is " Acne".
Every person what a glow, attractive, smooth skin and acne less face and body.
And for it they apply many creams and treatment and sometime its work and some time it's show negative effect.
For as my suggestion we should apply only natural thing another views avoid these all thing because its come on age (16) and removed as well on it's time.
Acne is the sort of problem that can strike at any age of group, it seems. While we tend to associate it with teenagers, it can flare at various other points in your life. It's because hormones play a key role on the development of acne, as does nutrition and other factors.
We should never use any thing in our face because face skin in different from another part of body skin. Face skin is very sensitive skin, If we use chemicals it's damage.
After all, the 'chemical' acne treatment sold over the counter may seem harsh and ineffective.

We have some Natural Treatment, regardless of any age of group you are;

  • Take a good Multivitamin: Every person know that Vitamin and Minerals is important to balance our system. Many people are deficient in key Vitamin and Minerals. Some nutrients most important for the treatment and prevention of acne are Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin E, Chromium.
  • Diet: Good diet is the key of live longer. The role of the diet is somewhat controversial with regard to controlling acne. For example; The Chocolate dilemma - does eating it cause of acne?, It has never really been resolved. However Vitamin and minerals play role in staving off and healing acne, it make sense that a healthy diet is important in managing this condition. Experts recommended that cutting back on dairy product, especially milk, as the hormones and trans-fatty acids it contains can worsen acne.
  • Refined Sugar: Sources point to sugar's effect on the body's insulin production and the connection between effective sugar metabolism and skin health. A short study shown an important in acne when suffers receives insulin injections. Since most of us can't inject ourselves with insulin nor is this advisable for non-diabetics. It makes sense to cut out refines sugar and the increases need for insulin that it leads to.
  • Junk Food/ greasy Food: Fresh food is good for health, processed foods contains artificial dyes and preservatives, which have been shown to affect hormones levels in the body. Junk foods very harmful for our body, its damage our immune system. For eat greasy food we suffer many diseases and after these all affected our sensitive skin.
  • Not to Touch your Skin: Scientist study say that every person touch touch his skin 20 to 30 times within an hour. As you know that every type of infection is directly come to connect with hands. So, it is proved that when we touch our skin alot our skin become more and more infected by many diseases and there is no suitable permanent medicine for it.
  • Stress: In this busy life culture, we have a lot of problems and pressure . For these things we take more stress. For taking more stress, our body system and mainly brain can't work properly, we can't sleep properly and also we can not take healthy diet and food on time. All these reasons stress effect negative to face skin and develop acne. We just only eat food on time, sleep on time and not think a lot in any matter.
So for prevent our skin, we should not take to much medicines and not to come more in contact of some and we should wash our mouth and hand every 2 to 3 hours, For wash mouth our skin muscles become active and glowing all time.

Friday, May 1, 2020

5 Reason Junk Food is bad For Health - mamihealthy

Unhealthy Food...

In modern culture every person eat unhealthy food and avoid homemade food. They like ready-made food because it is easy to make but they avoid his harmful effects.
And the most importantly that the harmful effects of junk food and the positive impact of healthy food it must be stress upon.
The word of "Junk food" Itself define his work that how much it harmful to our health.
We know that the fast food industries is increases day be day because it can available in any where and in cheap rate and these food demand is never decreases.
Junk food does not require any healthy material.
As well as the inset of numerous food delivery apps, you can order it by one click and get in on your location on time.
There are many foods that are unhealthy for the prostate gland and it an raise the risk of prostrate enlargement with age.
eating unhealthy food causes Harmon imbalances in men.

List of Worst foods which we can avoid;

  • Trans Fats:  Some of the worst prostate damaging foods are hydrogenate oils like vegetable oil cotton seed oil and canola oil. These all oils are rich in omega 6 fats and cause massive amount of inflammation in the body. It have been shown to raise the risk of prostate cancer and prostate enlargement. You can use coconut oil it healthy and it have no negative impact on body system and eat boiling vegetable
  • Sugary Foods: Foods that are high in sugar some of the worst foods which harm the prostate.These cause high insulin in the body, a hormone which can cause the prostate to grow larger and swell. Drinking or eating much sugar causes many diseases. You can consume more leafy green calciferous vegetables to balance blood sugar levels.
  • Soy: Foods which can contains soy cause a range of different problems in the body. Soy is considered an anti nutrient as it blocks the absorption of proteins, It is also cause of overloaded of estrogen in the body. To reverse damage caused by eating lots of soy, eat pumpkin seeds and selfish to boost your zinc intake.
  • Alcohol: Many people drink Alcohol in daily basis but they do not realized that this cause high estrogen in the body. Alcohol damage the liver cells which causes this hormone imbalance, and triggers weight around stomach. A person can live without alcohol.
  • Anything Diet: Many people eat anything without know its whole description. When people go to the market they purchase anything to see some fake advertisement and after they show us negative effects, these all things impact on our body system and mainly in our immune system. A shot studies said that every diseases is grow by first junk food when we eat it regularly.
As every one know that we can not eat homemade food always and every time we need some junk food but when we understand that junk food we for just enjoyment and we dont est it in regular daily base. So in that time junk food not harm as.