Friday, April 24, 2020

Six Thinks To Improve Memory.

What ways to increase memory...

We humans have one distinct inherent problem, and that is the limitation capacity to reason, explore and retain knowledge. This is because the human brain will not grow any large than the size it is today.
The human head grows from the time we are born until we are adults. Its estimates that there are anything between 86 to 100 billion neurons in an average human brain and whatever we do are curtailed within this limit. Some of us may not even use 10% of the neurons in our heads and it is very unlikely that even Einstein used more than 50% of his brain during his lifetime.
Some points to increase memory power.

1. Be positive in Life: We need not be disheartened that we are not Einstein, as we could end over to rejuvenate our brain and ensure that we could do more than what we have done with our brain so far.

2. Eat healthy Food: Eat healthy food tat help boost your energy levels to keep you up and active. In healthy food there is many protein to increases memory power. 

3. Exercise regularly: Never be cauched potato get up and exercise regularly. For exercise or memory feel fresh and can capable to restore new memory and remove stress in mind.

4. Seek information: Seek information an at least one unknown subject a day. There is something new to learn everyday.

5. Rest well: Take adequate rest and rejuvenate the body and brain, because a tired body make a tired brain.

We may look back and think that the human race has helped in the technological development of the world since time immemorial, but this has a limit and at some time in the future we may become stagnant, once we use all the neurons inside our brain.

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