Tuesday, April 28, 2020

How to Protect Yourself & Others From COVID 19 - mamihealthy

Prevention from Corona Virus...

AS you know in our whole nation we listen in every day and time about corona virus. Corona virus is a cause of viral cold but its such a little different.
We usually know form Corona virus people become seek because of his week Immune system.
Many of people get well soon with days because they a good internal system in his body, and only those people die who cant manage his immune system.
In corona Virus some common symptom is fever, dry cough, aches and headache
and some people experience:

  • nasal congestion
  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • diarrhea.

Coronavirues are so named because of the crown like appearance of their virus particles when see under an electron microscope.
Currently there is no vaccine and medical cure for the virus, other than the body's own immune system.
But we can prevent our self from some easy ways;

  • Make distance: You Know that Corona-virus is catch in closed environment where other people are present. These type of places magnify the risk of infection. Without you knowledge to come into contact with infected saliva droplets. In the event of a large scale infection is recommended to stay at home indoors.
  • Wash your hands: Do you know the corona virus can survive on surfaces for up to five days such as door knobs and another objects. For this reason it is very important to wash the hands regularly with warm soapy water. And you can also use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Be sure to wash the at least 20 second.
  • Use Protective Equipment: The Corona virus is highly contagious and it's transmitted by tiny droplets of liquid that contains this RNA virus. Infected people may show no symptom up-to 2-5 days, yet can still its spread to others. This mean that someone who perfectly healthy yet has caught corona virus. Injected person saliva is transfer to another by dry cough if  it's entered in your eyes, mouth, nose, anus or stomach in the extreme event that his does become a widespread problem. Hence, we should use prospective Equipment. A high quality n95 and k2 medical mask can help to protect you.
  • Awareness: In this critical situation it is important to stay aware to the infection rate in your country and local areas so that you can protect to family. In some web. we can check the updates about infection and main official web. is www.who.int and Centers for Disease Control & National Health Service (UK). As these viruses have the potential to mutate and adapt to different environment. 
  • Travelling: If you have any plain to go somewhere in near future so please cancelled it. We recommend it first checking your travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for COVID-19 or not. In this pandemic, you should be avoiding crowds, mass transit, parties, and closed environments like aeroplanes. 
  • Immune system: The most important think is to improve your Immune system because one and only thing is in our body to protract and get well soon by any type of disease and virus. The Coronavirues fatality rate is currently around 3.4% estimated by the WHO as of March 3. Do you know that most people can fight off the infection with no difficulties however those over age of 60 have a higher risk of complication. Its shown to be dangerous for those with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, chronic respiratory disease and other health problem. If you suffering from such diseases, it's very important to being supercharging your immune system.
  • Vitamin D3 and K2: Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrient involves in the immune system. Actually you get this naturally when your skin come contact with sun, however it's harder to get during in winter. As you know that D3 and K2 also work together in the body to aid breathing, strengthening the cardiovascular system and promote healthy blood. The best combination would be 10.000 IU D3 with 100mcg of K2.
  • Intermittent Fast: f Do you fasting has been used for centuries by different civilizations as a way to strengthen the body and fight disease. Eating all of you calories in a 5 hour window during the day it will gives your body an extra 19 hour to rest. this can help to boost your immune system and help protect from viral infections.
  • Nutrient Dense Diet: As to further boost your immune system you should be consumed none processed nutrient dense foods like; sauerkraut, blackberries, extra virgin, coconut  oil, avocados, bell paper, wild caught salmon and cod liver oil.
  • Garlic: Garlic is the number one most potent food for destroying virtue and pathogens in the body. As it contains extraordinary compounds that can protect us from all kinds of infection.
Remember that this virus can live on surface for up to 5 days especially in closed public environment.
As you can analysis that there are many steps to take protect against corona virus for yourself and your family