Monday, April 27, 2020

How to Keep Your Immune System Healthy.

Food Tips to boost Immune system...

A positive Immune system is a ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Immune system is a biological structure which protect the human body till the end of life from pathogens and disease.
Immune system is protects us against invaders Like, bacteria, fungi, parasites ect. that could damage our body.
There we advise some food, these foods will help to protect from bacteria and strengthen to your body against infections.

  1. Garlic: Do you know garlic is the number one to protect super food for protecting the body against diseases and infection.
  2. Salmon: Scientist highly recommend consuming wild caught salmon on a regular or daily base life to support the immune system. This oily fish is rich in natural omega.
  3. Sauerkraut: Some cells target and destroy harmful pathogens and microbes that infect you body, by the use of Sauerkraut you can heal very quickly.
  4. Eggs: Every age of group eat eggs friendly and some people doesn't eat egg because of they think it is a non veg. But eggs contain all the building blocks of life and are loaded with immune boosting nutrient.In yellow yolk are rich in Vitamin A, which help us to boost your mucous lining in the sinuses.
  5. Blackberries: We should eat blackberries in each day, for it we protect our self form viruses and another bacteria. These are rich in anthologists and Vitamin C which helps to build a large army of white blood cell in our body.
  6. Bell peppers: Bell peppers are most delicious fruits come in different colour and are ram packed with full of Vitamin C.We should consume these raw, as boiling it and can make its salads. As cooking can destroy the Vitamin C complex before we consume it.
  7. Coconut Oil: As short study say that many are people are use coconut oil and these is no any negative effect of it. that most indigenous populations have consumed it as a form of oil and cream. Coconut oil have extra virgin to help build stronger cell remembrance and protect our body for infection and remove any type of dark circle in body.
  8. Wheat-grass Juice: this is a good source of antioxidant and the natural Vitamin C complex for fighting off infections and speeding up immune response. 
These all food are simple available in our locality and they all are very healthy and there are no any negative affect. Main thing is that, any age of group can consumed it.

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