Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How Human Health Depends On The Environment.

Environment And Human Health...

Environment related issues that affect our health have been one of the most important triggers in the increasing awareness of the need for the better environment management. The changes in our environment included by human activities in nearby every spheres of life have had an influence on our health patterns.
The assumption that the only indicators of human progress is economic growth is not true. We expect urbanization and industrialization to bring in prosperity, but on the downside, it lead to disease related to overcrowding and poor quality drinking water, resulting in an increasing in water borne disease like ineffective diarrhea and air borne bacterial diseases like tuberculosis. High-density city traffic leads to an increasing an in respiratory like asthma.
Agriculture pesticides that enhance food supplies during the green revolution have affect both the farm worker and all of us who consume the produce. Modern medicine promised to solve many health problems, especially associate with infectious disease through antibiotics, but bacteria have found ways to develops resistant strains, frequently even changing their behavior in the process, making it necessary to keep on creating newer antibiotics.
 Many drugs have been found to have serious side-effect. Sometimes, the cure is as damaging as the disease itself.
As you know every one that environment is very important part of our life. we all are depend on it. So we have to safe our environment as a result we safe our health like;
  • We should safe water
  • Stop pesticides to promote health
  • Grow more and more plants
  • Add fresh flower in your area 
  • Wash your hand to eat something and also when you come back to your home
  • Don't through any plastic and any types of garbage in any where
A better health status of society will bring about a better way of like only if is coupled with establishing population growth also.

Environment Influence Human Health and diseases:

  • Natural environment like air, water, soil including chemical, biological and social feature of our surrounding
  • Man made or built environment like roads, buildings, systems, land use practices, pollution and waste management
Do you know we live in a chemical world
More than 70,000 potentially toxic chemical are produce and dispersed.
Chemical have many effects like; contribute to atmosphere changes, contaminate to atmospheric change groundwater, affects species balance and natural cycles in ecosystem, cause mutations in genes and affects the nervous system.

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