Saturday, April 25, 2020

How COVID-19 Spread Around The World.

Beginning of COVID-19 In China...

Important fact is come it out that The World Health Organisation (WHO) is already alerted by Chines officials about Dozen of pneumonia like cases in the city of Wuhan, Cine, as a new year celebration take place across the country and in that time they are not worried about it and not take any type of precaution. In Jan. 1 The U.S Centers for disease control and prevention identify a seafood market which is locates in Wuhan suspected to be at the center of the outbreak.
In Jan. 7 China know about his first case dealt from an simple illness they its spread in whole body by new corona virus. The patient was a 61 year old man in Wuhan. Then after few days The WHO reports a case in Thailand, the first time it has been detected outside from China. after day by day it is spread in the whole country and its come in Japan, in Jan. 16 Japan confirms it's first case of infection with the novel corona virus. Jan. 20 South Korea reports its first confirm case of corona virus.The United States announced case.
In jan.22 death toll in China jumps to 17, with more than 550 infected with this virus.The president of China is order to his army and another employer to check out the all Airports and another trading way to stop the spreading virus in whole country. North Korea is closes borders to all foreign tourist so, govt. of China order it to continent his way and request to his public to stay at home. Many Airport being to set up check on Flits from Wuhan. After in Jan. 23, China palaces Wuhan under quarantine. All flits and train and any type of vehicle is departing from the city are cancelled, buses, subways and ferries within the city are also suspended.
The WHO says the outbreak does not yet constituent a public emergency of international concern and there is "no evidence" that its transmission of human to human outside of china. The WHO members say in that time is " there is no emergency inn China but it has note yet become a Global health emergency it meet become one". And then within a days its spread in whole world by human to human.


  1. This article is very informative and gives us an idea as to how the corona virus spreaded so quickly across the world .We also learned that powerful contry like America is paralysed and unable to control death cases. Unable to understand as to how come a contry like America which id far away from epic center is facing more infected and death cases that it's original place (China).given the worldwide spread I strongly believe that it is man made virus and has been spreaded deliberately to gain the economy and to criple the world. China is on mission to be superpower but cases like this can lead to worsen it's relatioonship with world and and such case can be counter productive for China.anyways I see better world ahead and we will definitely win this battle against Corona virus .

  2. Thank you to give us such a huge information