Monday, April 27, 2020

Foods Tip For Healthy Blood In our Body.

How we Increase Healthy blood in body...

Do you know what happen if there happens to be case where there is not enough blood to reach the brain at on time?
When the brain is locally becomes anemic, the tissues of the brain gradually dies and the connection between the cells is lost. And the risk of stroke also increases.
You can reduce the risk of stroke and serious disease and even improve the brain function such as memory and concentration.
Now a busy day life many people are deficient in iron.
Especially those people become more week who consume to many refine grains and junk food.
Over time this can lead to a range of problem like, anemia, chronic, tiredness, brain fog and they have poor memory, thyroid problems, increased heart problem and sleep ambient headaches.
Do you know body needs at least 8 mg of Iron per day to make red blood cells and oxygen around the body. By the support of immune system and its make DNA.
Some bio-available Iron, which is easily absorbed by the body;

1. Liver: Organ meats like liver, kidney and heart are the best sources of iron for the body. 100g of beef liver contain 6.2mg of heme Iron which it is to support and increase healthy blood in the body.
Do you know Its also supplies great range of other nutrients such as Vitamin A.

2. Spirulina: spirlina is a nutrient dense algae and is one of the best plant base to be sources of minerals like; iron and magnesium.4 table spoons of spiritual supplies 8mg of Iron, which is perfect daily amount for most people. Pregnant women and nursing mother may need higher mounts to maintain his body.

3.Oysters: shellfish are also rich in heme Iron, this type of iron that is most bioavailabe and absorbed by the body. Amazing think is that 6 medium sized oysters contain 6.1mg of Iron. It is also a great sources of zinc which is promotes fast healing and immunity.

4. Mussels: Theses are another form of selfish which are loaded with healthy Iron. For you information 100g of delicious cooked mussels contains 6.7mg of heme Iron. Scientist Recommend cooking this into low crab paella or pair them with a delicious sea bass dish.

5. Pumpkin Seeds: You can also get small amounts of none heme iron from pumpkin seeds. Flax seeds and hemp seeds. Just only take 100g of pumpkin seeds contain 3.3mg of Iron and are also a rich sources of zinc for making cellular energy.

6. Spinach: Raw spinach is one of the best vegetable sources of Iron and contains 2.7mg of Iron in 100g. Although vegetable sources Iron are not as easily absorbed these leaves do contain a high amount of Vitamin C.
Do you Vitamin C helps the body to absorbed Iron better, so we recommend eating salad leaves on the side of the plate.