Wednesday, April 22, 2020

10 Positive Thinks To Be Happy For a Happy Life..

Feel Happy Feel Healthy...

In this world every person asked to another one that how I can happy, How I can tackle my problems, How can I be stressful etc. Reality is that they never ask to himself.
Human have a natural power to consume knowledge by his own activities and experiences.
As look out an example; there is a one person who decided  that I don't want to be happy I have a lot of work, pressure and I have no time to enjoy. So, in that time no body can give him smile in his face because of his Fixed Mind set. As another hand there is another who always think happy be happy. So, in this situation no one can stop his smile his positive mull because they have a Growth Mind set.
Its all game of Mind set Fixed or Growth. People should have to decided his own life style with happiness.

There is some tips to think Positive and Stay Happy and Healthy:-    

  1. Decide that Fear is the fuel for my success.
  2. Thing, I am the Architect of my life.
  3. I choose to be proud of myself
  4. Life is happening in this moment.
  5. My potential is succeed is infinity  
  6. I take breath in relaxation, and I breath out Stress 
  7. I live in the present and happy environment, and I am confident in the future
  8. I am the superior to negative thought and low action
  9. Even there is chase around me I be remain calm and polity 
  10. By allowing myself to be Happy, and inspire other to be Happy and Healthy.
It is a scientifically prove that many are disease is removed and recovered by own happy and positive thinking. Doctors also suggested that be safe and keep smiling. If you keep smiling always you will become healthy as well as you will become a attractive person.

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