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6 Positive Reason To Drink Lemon Water Every Morning - mamihealthy

Benefits of Lemon Water...

Did you know that lemon water is very helpful for improve our health in many different ways.
 Lemon are full of Vitamins and nutrients, like Vitamin C,calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and fiber.
lemon juice be tough on your teeth, if you drink it straight.
First eat something in breakfast and then after 5 to 10 drink lemon water, this will make sure you get the full help of lemon water.
There are some benefits to drink Lemon water;

  • Boost Immune System: Lemon juice contain a lot of Vitamin C which help your Immune system. From taking more vitamin C you feel stressful.
  • Digestion properly: Lemon juice is a good for digestion because it helps to loose your weight and remove toxin in your stomach. It also helps lessen indigestion signs like heartburn, burping and bloating.
  • Anti virus for body system: For drinking lemon water most helpful for our body system, its remove the bad chemical and bacteria in our body, it's helps to liver work properly.
  • Freshen our Breath: Lemon juice is also helps ease toothaches and gingivitis. Lemon juice is better than toothpaste because in toothpaste have a lot of chemical and in lemon there is no chemical present and it is natural. However, because lemon juice is hard on tooth enamel, don't brush your teeth after drinking lemon water,or brush them right before instead.
  • Skin blemish Free: Do you know that the anti oxidants in lemon juice will help you to lessen blemishes and wrinkles. It can also be put scars and age spots to lighten them. When you use it regularly at before bed it will also keep your skin glowing.
  • Help your Lose Weight: As you know that lemon is very beneficial for as is many stages and most popular problem is sounding in our area is Fat. Every each person is suffering form this problem. By the use of lemon juice has pectin fiber, it can stop you from feeling hungry and in this way help you lose weight. And cut your extra muscle.

 You can drink it at night also but after eat diner and brush. and take it only with warm natural water.

How to Protect Yourself & Others From COVID 19 - mamihealthy

Prevention from Corona Virus...

AS you know in our whole nation we listen in every day and time about corona virus. Corona virus is a cause of viral cold but its such a little different.
We usually know form Corona virus people become seek because of his week Immune system.
Many of people get well soon with days because they a good internal system in his body, and only those people die who cant manage his immune system.
In corona Virus some common symptom is fever, dry cough, aches and headache
and some people experience:

  • nasal congestion
  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • diarrhea.

Coronavirues are so named because of the crown like appearance of their virus particles when see under an electron microscope.
Currently there is no vaccine and medical cure for the virus, other than the body's own immune system.
But we can prevent our self from some easy ways;

  • Make distance: You Know that Corona-virus is catch in closed environment where other people are present. These type of places magnify the risk of infection. Without you knowledge to come into contact with infected saliva droplets. In the event of a large scale infection is recommended to stay at home indoors.
  • Wash your hands: Do you know the corona virus can survive on surfaces for up to five days such as door knobs and another objects. For this reason it is very important to wash the hands regularly with warm soapy water. And you can also use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Be sure to wash the at least 20 second.
  • Use Protective Equipment: The Corona virus is highly contagious and it's transmitted by tiny droplets of liquid that contains this RNA virus. Infected people may show no symptom up-to 2-5 days, yet can still its spread to others. This mean that someone who perfectly healthy yet has caught corona virus. Injected person saliva is transfer to another by dry cough if  it's entered in your eyes, mouth, nose, anus or stomach in the extreme event that his does become a widespread problem. Hence, we should use prospective Equipment. A high quality n95 and k2 medical mask can help to protect you.
  • Awareness: In this critical situation it is important to stay aware to the infection rate in your country and local areas so that you can protect to family. In some web. we can check the updates about infection and main official web. is www.who.int and Centers for Disease Control & National Health Service (UK). As these viruses have the potential to mutate and adapt to different environment. 
  • Travelling: If you have any plain to go somewhere in near future so please cancelled it. We recommend it first checking your travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for COVID-19 or not. In this pandemic, you should be avoiding crowds, mass transit, parties, and closed environments like aeroplanes. 
  • Immune system: The most important think is to improve your Immune system because one and only thing is in our body to protract and get well soon by any type of disease and virus. The Coronavirues fatality rate is currently around 3.4% estimated by the WHO as of March 3. Do you know that most people can fight off the infection with no difficulties however those over age of 60 have a higher risk of complication. Its shown to be dangerous for those with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, chronic respiratory disease and other health problem. If you suffering from such diseases, it's very important to being supercharging your immune system.
  • Vitamin D3 and K2: Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrient involves in the immune system. Actually you get this naturally when your skin come contact with sun, however it's harder to get during in winter. As you know that D3 and K2 also work together in the body to aid breathing, strengthening the cardiovascular system and promote healthy blood. The best combination would be 10.000 IU D3 with 100mcg of K2.
  • Intermittent Fast: f Do you fasting has been used for centuries by different civilizations as a way to strengthen the body and fight disease. Eating all of you calories in a 5 hour window during the day it will gives your body an extra 19 hour to rest. this can help to boost your immune system and help protect from viral infections.
  • Nutrient Dense Diet: As to further boost your immune system you should be consumed none processed nutrient dense foods like; sauerkraut, blackberries, extra virgin, coconut  oil, avocados, bell paper, wild caught salmon and cod liver oil.
  • Garlic: Garlic is the number one most potent food for destroying virtue and pathogens in the body. As it contains extraordinary compounds that can protect us from all kinds of infection.
Remember that this virus can live on surface for up to 5 days especially in closed public environment.
As you can analysis that there are many steps to take protect against corona virus for yourself and your family

Monday, April 27, 2020

How to Keep Your Immune System Healthy.

Food Tips to boost Immune system...

A positive Immune system is a ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Immune system is a biological structure which protect the human body till the end of life from pathogens and disease.
Immune system is protects us against invaders Like, bacteria, fungi, parasites ect. that could damage our body.
There we advise some food, these foods will help to protect from bacteria and strengthen to your body against infections.

  1. Garlic: Do you know garlic is the number one to protect super food for protecting the body against diseases and infection.
  2. Salmon: Scientist highly recommend consuming wild caught salmon on a regular or daily base life to support the immune system. This oily fish is rich in natural omega.
  3. Sauerkraut: Some cells target and destroy harmful pathogens and microbes that infect you body, by the use of Sauerkraut you can heal very quickly.
  4. Eggs: Every age of group eat eggs friendly and some people doesn't eat egg because of they think it is a non veg. But eggs contain all the building blocks of life and are loaded with immune boosting nutrient.In yellow yolk are rich in Vitamin A, which help us to boost your mucous lining in the sinuses.
  5. Blackberries: We should eat blackberries in each day, for it we protect our self form viruses and another bacteria. These are rich in anthologists and Vitamin C which helps to build a large army of white blood cell in our body.
  6. Bell peppers: Bell peppers are most delicious fruits come in different colour and are ram packed with full of Vitamin C.We should consume these raw, as boiling it and can make its salads. As cooking can destroy the Vitamin C complex before we consume it.
  7. Coconut Oil: As short study say that many are people are use coconut oil and these is no any negative effect of it. that most indigenous populations have consumed it as a form of oil and cream. Coconut oil have extra virgin to help build stronger cell remembrance and protect our body for infection and remove any type of dark circle in body.
  8. Wheat-grass Juice: this is a good source of antioxidant and the natural Vitamin C complex for fighting off infections and speeding up immune response. 
These all food are simple available in our locality and they all are very healthy and there are no any negative affect. Main thing is that, any age of group can consumed it.

Foods Tip For Healthy Blood In our Body.

How we Increase Healthy blood in body...

Do you know what happen if there happens to be case where there is not enough blood to reach the brain at on time?
When the brain is locally becomes anemic, the tissues of the brain gradually dies and the connection between the cells is lost. And the risk of stroke also increases.
You can reduce the risk of stroke and serious disease and even improve the brain function such as memory and concentration.
Now a busy day life many people are deficient in iron.
Especially those people become more week who consume to many refine grains and junk food.
Over time this can lead to a range of problem like, anemia, chronic, tiredness, brain fog and they have poor memory, thyroid problems, increased heart problem and sleep ambient headaches.
Do you know body needs at least 8 mg of Iron per day to make red blood cells and oxygen around the body. By the support of immune system and its make DNA.
Some bio-available Iron, which is easily absorbed by the body;

1. Liver: Organ meats like liver, kidney and heart are the best sources of iron for the body. 100g of beef liver contain 6.2mg of heme Iron which it is to support and increase healthy blood in the body.
Do you know Its also supplies great range of other nutrients such as Vitamin A.

2. Spirulina: spirlina is a nutrient dense algae and is one of the best plant base to be sources of minerals like; iron and magnesium.4 table spoons of spiritual supplies 8mg of Iron, which is perfect daily amount for most people. Pregnant women and nursing mother may need higher mounts to maintain his body.

3.Oysters: shellfish are also rich in heme Iron, this type of iron that is most bioavailabe and absorbed by the body. Amazing think is that 6 medium sized oysters contain 6.1mg of Iron. It is also a great sources of zinc which is promotes fast healing and immunity.

4. Mussels: Theses are another form of selfish which are loaded with healthy Iron. For you information 100g of delicious cooked mussels contains 6.7mg of heme Iron. Scientist Recommend cooking this into low crab paella or pair them with a delicious sea bass dish.

5. Pumpkin Seeds: You can also get small amounts of none heme iron from pumpkin seeds. Flax seeds and hemp seeds. Just only take 100g of pumpkin seeds contain 3.3mg of Iron and are also a rich sources of zinc for making cellular energy.

6. Spinach: Raw spinach is one of the best vegetable sources of Iron and contains 2.7mg of Iron in 100g. Although vegetable sources Iron are not as easily absorbed these leaves do contain a high amount of Vitamin C.
Do you Vitamin C helps the body to absorbed Iron better, so we recommend eating salad leaves on the side of the plate.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Facts of Almond Oil.

Uses of Almond Oil...

Natural Beauty is come from nature and natural resources.
Despite being known for its external uses in the field of aesthetics the almond oil can also be great help you to reduce bad bacteria which is present in your skin and bad cholesterol and increase the good.
It's origin is in the natural by mountainous regions of Asia, it has been there for centuries.
From Almond fruit is extracted the famous oil of almond,it's a ideal to take care your skin.
It's grown at present its is grown in regions where the climate is temperate, almost everywhere in this world.
Did you know that the United state is the first country to produce almond oil and Spain is the second.

Properties of Almond Oil:

We should Thanks to its nutrients of almond oil brings great benefit to the our health of body.
The almond oil is not reduce bacteria at the interior but also outside.
Almost its most important nutrients include: Vitamin A,E and K, proteins, mineral salts, Fatty acids, mineral(Zinc, calcium, phosphorous and potassium), Monounsaturated fats, Oleic and linoleum acid.

Benefits of Almond oil to the Body.

  1.  Strengthens bones: Almond are a main sources of calcium micro nutrient, which is critical to having strong bones. In addition to this provides nutrients that increase the mineral density of bones as well, So its help to maintain a healthy and strong skeleton,
  2.  Almond Oil Improves Memory: Almond oil is rich in riboflavin and its also L-carnitine, two nutrient that enhance brain function and optimize memory.
  3. One of them important think is that its bad cholesterol or LDL. This clogs the arteries of fat and over time, if not attended property you may suffer from some heart disease.
  4. The other think is that good cholesterol or HDL, which is only responsible for protecting the heart, as it removes the plaques from the arterial walls and leads to the liver.
  5. An ally against Cancer: As a short study analyse that support the power so almond oil to reduce the chances of developing colon cancer. This is due to its contribution of fatty acids as it reinforces the cleansing mechanisms of the digestive system.
  6. As a excess of sebaceous glands, which are the ones that produce fat throughout the body, these glands begin to produce more and more.
  7. Another people having some skin problem because of their genetic condition and, over time, they may have dimples and scars.
  8. Almond oil can be great ally combat oily skin as well as blackheads and acne.
  9. Ideal for hair: Dryness on the scalp is something that affects many people, since the hair may look opaque, in addition to itching and peeling.
  10. Almond oil prevents hair loss, eliminates dandruff and seborrhea dermatitis.
  11. Main function of almond oil is to prevent dry skin and oil skin and permanently exposed to different media that can be detrimental to your health and detract from its appearance.
  12. Almond oil is also very suitable on his occasion, as it prevent dryness, and improves condition like acne and eczema.
The oil contains a high amount of Vitamin E which making this excellent for improving the health of the body, especially the skin and hair.
It is also contain A small amount of Vitamin K, Which are natural health boosters.
Almond oil is gentle, hypoallergenic oil which can be used on sensitive skin.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

How COVID-19 Spread Around The World.

Beginning of COVID-19 In China...

Important fact is come it out that The World Health Organisation (WHO) is already alerted by Chines officials about Dozen of pneumonia like cases in the city of Wuhan, Cine, as a new year celebration take place across the country and in that time they are not worried about it and not take any type of precaution. In Jan. 1 The U.S Centers for disease control and prevention identify a seafood market which is locates in Wuhan suspected to be at the center of the outbreak.
In Jan. 7 China know about his first case dealt from an simple illness they its spread in whole body by new corona virus. The patient was a 61 year old man in Wuhan. Then after few days The WHO reports a case in Thailand, the first time it has been detected outside from China. after day by day it is spread in the whole country and its come in Japan, in Jan. 16 Japan confirms it's first case of infection with the novel corona virus. Jan. 20 South Korea reports its first confirm case of corona virus.The United States announced case.
In jan.22 death toll in China jumps to 17, with more than 550 infected with this virus.The president of China is order to his army and another employer to check out the all Airports and another trading way to stop the spreading virus in whole country. North Korea is closes borders to all foreign tourist so, govt. of China order it to continent his way and request to his public to stay at home. Many Airport being to set up check on Flits from Wuhan. After in Jan. 23, China palaces Wuhan under quarantine. All flits and train and any type of vehicle is departing from the city are cancelled, buses, subways and ferries within the city are also suspended.
The WHO says the outbreak does not yet constituent a public emergency of international concern and there is "no evidence" that its transmission of human to human outside of china. The WHO members say in that time is " there is no emergency inn China but it has note yet become a Global health emergency it meet become one". And then within a days its spread in whole world by human to human.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Six Thinks To Improve Memory.

What ways to increase memory...

We humans have one distinct inherent problem, and that is the limitation capacity to reason, explore and retain knowledge. This is because the human brain will not grow any large than the size it is today.
The human head grows from the time we are born until we are adults. Its estimates that there are anything between 86 to 100 billion neurons in an average human brain and whatever we do are curtailed within this limit. Some of us may not even use 10% of the neurons in our heads and it is very unlikely that even Einstein used more than 50% of his brain during his lifetime.
Some points to increase memory power.

1. Be positive in Life: We need not be disheartened that we are not Einstein, as we could end over to rejuvenate our brain and ensure that we could do more than what we have done with our brain so far.

2. Eat healthy Food: Eat healthy food tat help boost your energy levels to keep you up and active. In healthy food there is many protein to increases memory power. 

3. Exercise regularly: Never be cauched potato get up and exercise regularly. For exercise or memory feel fresh and can capable to restore new memory and remove stress in mind.

4. Seek information: Seek information an at least one unknown subject a day. There is something new to learn everyday.

5. Rest well: Take adequate rest and rejuvenate the body and brain, because a tired body make a tired brain.

We may look back and think that the human race has helped in the technological development of the world since time immemorial, but this has a limit and at some time in the future we may become stagnant, once we use all the neurons inside our brain.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Amazing Health Benefits Of Beets - mamihealthy

Health Benefits of Beets...

Beets have amazing health benefits and have an important place in a healthy diet. Beets are a sweet root vegetable that are fully of important vitamins and minerals. Both the red but root and the beetroot greens can be contain hot and cold in delicious salads, soups and meals. You can also juice beetroot to get concentrated shot of its nutrients to take advantages of its powerful health boosting properties.

1. Beat is a Antioxidant: The powerful antioxidants in beets can help to detoxify your whole body and prevent disease. Beetroot contains compounds that support detoxification in the body and can help to strengthen the immune system.

2. Beet juice lower blood pressure: Beets also have the potential to lower your blood pressure naturally. The reason that beetroot is good for hypertension id due to it's content of inorganic nitrate. When you consume, beets the nitrate content is converted into oxide which helps to improve blood flow.

3. Beets to lower Cholesterol: Beets can help to lower your cholesterol naturally and prevent the heart complications that health complication that high cholesterol causes.

4. Beetroot prevent heart Diseases:  Regularly consuming fresh and cocked beetroot is your deit can help prevent various form of heart diseases and reduce the risk of stroke. Beets contains a high amount of Vitamin B9.

5. Beets improve stamina and Athletic performance: Both whole beets juice can help improve athletic performance and give you more energy and is safe to ingest in vegetable from through beets.

this is contributed to methionine and glycerin betaine which work to keep fatty acids from building up.
Beets juice can also especially for those individuals who work out or exercise consistently.
Studies have shown that for those individuals who dark beet juice before working out, they were able to have better and longer workouts.
This is contributed to the naturally occurring nitrate found in beets.
Even if you are not working out, minerals and nutrients in beets can help with boosting energy through our the day.
Since beet juice contains a great amount of soluble fibers, drinking it can help those individuals who suffer with blood sugar issues.
Beets juice can actually help to lower the amount of glucose in the blood.
"Beet green also contain a high amount of vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, as well as nutrients like, potassium, magnesium, iron, and fiber all of which are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle".

"Aloe vera" A Natural Beauty.

Effects of Aloe vera in skin...

Aloe vera is a champion multitasker. The plant of immortality, Aloe vera is no stranger in today's world. Although it was only a few decades age that we discovered this wonder ingredient for its umpteen benefits, it has actually has been there in the beauty for centuries.
1. Its fight acne and fades blemishes: Thanks to its anti bacteria and anti inflammatory properties, aloe vets can help keep acne at bay. It prevent bacteria build to that is the main cause of pimples and acne, and it also speeds up the healing process. Applying a small amount of aloe vera get out zit would help you get ride of it no time. On the zit would blemishes that acne leaves behind.
2. Moisturizes our skin: Aloe vera is know as natural Moisturizes Cream. It has hydrating properties and absorbed into the skin life magic. Even for only and acne prone skin, aloe vera has proves to be an excellent moisturizes because of its light texture and 99% water content.
3. Applying it on minor burns and wounds: In addition to antibacterial properties, aloe vera contains compounds that can reduce inflammation. the also juice in super hydrating, So it is helps to boost the skin elastic as it heals.
4. Is a natural makeup remover: Since aloe vera is gentle on the skin and has a get like consistency, it works well as a natural makeup remover. Smooth it on and wiper off with a washcloth to cleanse and moisturize at the same time. " It's anti ageing and moisturizing, making it a perfect beauty product and it's a good alternative for people who have sensitive skin and can have reaction to ingredients in standers makeup remover. we use inn hair to grow long and beautiful.

10 Positive Thinks To Be Happy For a Happy Life..

Feel Happy Feel Healthy...

In this world every person asked to another one that how I can happy, How I can tackle my problems, How can I be stressful etc. Reality is that they never ask to himself.
Human have a natural power to consume knowledge by his own activities and experiences.
As look out an example; there is a one person who decided  that I don't want to be happy I have a lot of work, pressure and I have no time to enjoy. So, in that time no body can give him smile in his face because of his Fixed Mind set. As another hand there is another who always think happy be happy. So, in this situation no one can stop his smile his positive mull because they have a Growth Mind set.
Its all game of Mind set Fixed or Growth. People should have to decided his own life style with happiness.

There is some tips to think Positive and Stay Happy and Healthy:-    

  1. Decide that Fear is the fuel for my success.
  2. Thing, I am the Architect of my life.
  3. I choose to be proud of myself
  4. Life is happening in this moment.
  5. My potential is succeed is infinity  
  6. I take breath in relaxation, and I breath out Stress 
  7. I live in the present and happy environment, and I am confident in the future
  8. I am the superior to negative thought and low action
  9. Even there is chase around me I be remain calm and polity 
  10. By allowing myself to be Happy, and inspire other to be Happy and Healthy.
It is a scientifically prove that many are disease is removed and recovered by own happy and positive thinking. Doctors also suggested that be safe and keep smiling. If you keep smiling always you will become healthy as well as you will become a attractive person.

How Human Health Depends On The Environment.

Environment And Human Health...

Environment related issues that affect our health have been one of the most important triggers in the increasing awareness of the need for the better environment management. The changes in our environment included by human activities in nearby every spheres of life have had an influence on our health patterns.
The assumption that the only indicators of human progress is economic growth is not true. We expect urbanization and industrialization to bring in prosperity, but on the downside, it lead to disease related to overcrowding and poor quality drinking water, resulting in an increasing in water borne disease like ineffective diarrhea and air borne bacterial diseases like tuberculosis. High-density city traffic leads to an increasing an in respiratory like asthma.
Agriculture pesticides that enhance food supplies during the green revolution have affect both the farm worker and all of us who consume the produce. Modern medicine promised to solve many health problems, especially associate with infectious disease through antibiotics, but bacteria have found ways to develops resistant strains, frequently even changing their behavior in the process, making it necessary to keep on creating newer antibiotics.
 Many drugs have been found to have serious side-effect. Sometimes, the cure is as damaging as the disease itself.
As you know every one that environment is very important part of our life. we all are depend on it. So we have to safe our environment as a result we safe our health like;
  • We should safe water
  • Stop pesticides to promote health
  • Grow more and more plants
  • Add fresh flower in your area 
  • Wash your hand to eat something and also when you come back to your home
  • Don't through any plastic and any types of garbage in any where
A better health status of society will bring about a better way of like only if is coupled with establishing population growth also.

Environment Influence Human Health and diseases:

  • Natural environment like air, water, soil including chemical, biological and social feature of our surrounding
  • Man made or built environment like roads, buildings, systems, land use practices, pollution and waste management
Do you know we live in a chemical world
More than 70,000 potentially toxic chemical are produce and dispersed.
Chemical have many effects like; contribute to atmosphere changes, contaminate to atmospheric change groundwater, affects species balance and natural cycles in ecosystem, cause mutations in genes and affects the nervous system.